Lesson and travel fees


As a sole trader, I appoint service fees independently taking individual cases into account. Here are the guidelines to the way your fees may be explained. Group session fees are not included and will depend on the size of a class.

One-to-one Russian lessons


Piano & Music Theory lessons


What is the calling out fee?


I teach nearly 50% of the lessons at my location. Some pupils have circumstances when they cannot travel to attend a lesson, in which case I am happy to teach at their home or office. However, the time I spend to reach one client's location reduces the time that could be given to other pupils, particularly during afternoons and evenings, and this is the reason for applying the calling out fee. 

Example of calculation:

If the duration of your Russian lesson is 1 hour and the time of my return journey is 30 minutes or less, the total fee for your lesson will be:

£30 per 1 hour + £5 calling out fee = £35

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