Russian Film


Watching original Russian films is an easy and fun way to become introduced to the native language environment without actually travelling to the country.

The Russian film industry flourished in the years of USSR and it continues producing extraordinary pictures that are known in the English speaking world so little. Meanwhile, these films provide a viewer not only with an extensive native language material. They also allow us a glance at the Russian mentality and contemporary culture.

The Russian film music written by talented composers and performed either by actors or professional singers makes the experience even more enjoyable


With Russian subtitles

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Intermediate level 


Vinnie Phoo

The three from the village Prostokvashino  

Malysh i Karlson 

Hyppo who was afraid of injections 

Peter and Wolf 


Cheburashka. Shapoklyak 

Leopold the Cat 

Collection of short cartoons 

Uncle Aooo 

Russian folk tales on screen 



Advanced level


12 Months

Pushkin "Tale about Tsar Saltan" 

Little Longnose

Adventures in the Emerald City

(Part 1, follow the links on YouTube)


Historical Legends of Russia in animations

Prince Vladimir


Of Peter and Fevronia


Full-length animations about Three Heroes (три Богатыря)

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Ilya Muromets and Sparrow the Robber 

Dobrynya and the Dragon 

Aliosha Popovitch and Tugarin-Snake

Three Heroes overseas 

Three Heroes and Tsaritsa of Shamaha 

Three Heroes - Move of the Horse 

Three Heroes and the Sea King 

Three Heroes and the Egyptian Princess 


Films with Russian subtitles


The Barber of Siberia

The Kitchen season 1 episode 1

Comedy, 110 episodes follow the links on YouTube

Hotel Eleon season 1 episode 1

(comedy, the parody of Hotel Babylon)

D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers episode 1 

(English and Russian subtitles, autogenerated)

The Adventures of Electronic, episode 1 of 3

(Film for children, English and Russian subtitles, autogenerated)

The Adventures of Buratino (Russian version of Pinocchio)

Film for children, great songs

Morozko (after the Russian folk tale about Grandfather Frost)

Russian and Spanish subtitles

Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia 


I see - I know (detective series, 2016)

Witches  Fantasy series, 2018  

(Russian subtitles, autogenerated)


With English subtitles


Sadko  - NEW!

Alice in Wonderland

There Was a Dog 

Masha and the Bear (in English)

Masha and the Bear (in Russian)

Three from Prostokvashino


The mystery of the 2rd Planet (Тайна Третьей Планеты)  Part 1, follow on YouTube 

Wild Swans – synchronized translation  

Winnie Pooh Part 1  

Winnie Pooh Part 2  

Winnie Pooh Part 3

Alice Through the Looking-Glass, Part 1 / USSR, 1982 [ eng sub ]

What’s good – what’s bad  (after the poem of Vladimir Mayakovsky)

Deep blue sea 

Wow Speaking fish!  

Who will tell a fable? 

A bag full of apples 

The Cat who walked alone  (after the tale of R. Kipling)

The Funfair cartoons  

The Snow Queen  (synchronized translation) 

Russian films with English subtitles

RUSSIAN CLASSICS ON SCREEN (click and choose film)

Boris Godunov (after the tragedy by A.Pushkin)

Idiot, old film (after the novel by F. Dostoevsky)

IDIOT, tv series, 2003

Master and Margarita (after the novel by M.Bulghakov)

Dog's Heart (after the novel by M.Bulghakov)

Ten Little Indians (a screen version A.Christie)

Viy (after the novel by N. Gogol)

The Twelve Chairs (after the satirical novel by Ilf and Petrov)



Servant of the People (Ukraine, 2015. Film with V.Zelensky)


HISTORICAL (click and choose film)

Alexander Nevsky (1938)


FILMS FOR CHILDREN (click and choose more films)

Welcome or No Unauthorised Entry!

The Republic SHKID

Old Man Khottabych



The Dawns Here Are Quiet

The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed  Episode 1 - follow-on YOUTUBE

Only Elders Are Going to Battle 

17 Moments of Spring (10 episodes)


Father of a Soldier


Cranes are Flying



White Bim Black Ear

The Height 

The Barber of Siberia

Scarlet Sales 




GHOST (Russian version, 2015)

The Prisoner of the Caucasus or the New Adventures of Shurik

The Office Romance

Moscow Does not Trust Tears

Ivan Vasilyevitch Changes Profession

The Diamond Arm

Wedding in Malinovka

In Love On His Own Accord

Rent a Dad


The Carnival Night


A Lively Voyage



Elusive Avengers

New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers

The Crown of the Russian Empire  (Elusive Avengers 3)

Per Aspera Ad Astra 

Sherlock Holmes (USSR, Episode 1)





Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair

Vasilisa the Beautiful

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors