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Russian Film


Watching original Russian films is an easy and fun way to become introduced to the native language environment without actually travelling to the country.

The Russian film industry flourished in the years of USSR and it continues producing extraordinary pictures that are known in the English speaking world so little. Meanwhile, these films provide a viewer not only with an extensive native language material. They also allow us a glance at the Russian mentality and contemporary culture.

The Russian film music written by talented composers and performed either by actors or professional singers makes the experience even more enjoyable



The Barber of Siberia  (subtitles: English)

Hotel Eleon season 1 episode 1 (subtitles: English) (subtitles: English, Russian)

Poor Liz (subtitles: English, Russian)

Casanova's Earring (subtitles: English, Russian)

Don't Rush Love (subtitles: English, Russian)

Lousy Neighbour (subtitles: English, Russian)

Wife Available (subtitles: Englis, Russian)

The Rose of Fairwell Winds (subtitles: Englis, Russian)

Lectures for Housewives (subtitles: English, Russian)

The House-keeper (subtitles: Englis, Russian)

The Millionaire (subtitles: English, Russian)

My Friend's Fiancee (subtitles: Englis, Russian)

He's Simply a Dolt (subtitles: English, Russian

The Sleeper and the Beauty (subtitles: English, Russian, Spanish)

Seven Me's - Family Man (subtitles: Englis, Russian)

Little Sister (subtitles: Englis, Russian)

D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers episode 1  (subtitles: English, Russian)

The Adventures of Electronic, episode 1 of 3

(Film for children, subtitles: English, Russian)

Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia  (subtitles: English, Russian, Italian, Bulgarian)

Idiot, old film (after the novel by F. Dostoevsky. Subtitles: English)

Anne on the Neck (after the novel of A. Chekhov. Subtitles: Russian)


Ten Little Indians (a screen version A.Christie. Subtitles: English) 

The Cruel Romance (a screen version of the play by N. Ostrovsky "No Dowry")

Heart of a Dog (a screen version of the novel by M.Bulgakov. Subtitles: English)

Master and Margarita (a screen version of the novel by M. Bulgakov IN ENGLISH)

Dead Souls (a screen version of the novel of N. Gogol. subtitles: Bulgarian, English, Italian, Russian)

Welcome or No Unauthorised Entry  (subtitles: English)

KoKoKo (subtitles: English)

To Russia with Love (subtitles: English)

Servant of the People (Ukraine, 2015. Film with V.Zelensky. Subtitles: English, Polish)

The Dawns Here Are Quiet (subtitles: English)

The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed  Episode 1 - follow-on YOUTUBE (subtitles: English)

17 Moments of Spring (10 episodes) (subtitles: English)

Chapaev (subtitles: English)

GHOST (Russian version, 2015. Subtitles: English, Russian)

The Prisoner of the Caucasus or the New Adventures of Shurik (subtitles: English, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Polish)

The Office Romance (subtitles: English, Russian, French, Turkish)

The Irony of Destiny or Enjoy Your Bath (subtitles: Bulgarian, Englis, French, Russian)

Gentlemen of the Fortune (subtitles: Bulgarian, English, Finnish, Russian, Serbian)

The Diamond Arm (subtitles: English)

A Million in a Wedding Basket (subtitles: Russian)

Rent a Dad (subtitles: English)

Gals (subtitles: English, Russian, French, Turkish)

The Carnival Night (subtitles: English, Spanish)

Impossible! (subtitles: English, Russian, French)

Gypsies Escape to the Skies (subtitles: English, German, Russian)

Train Station for Two (subtitles: Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Spanish)

Solaris (subtitles: Bulgarian, Czech, English, French)

Tractor Drivers, 1939 (subtitles: English) 

Officers (subtitles: English)

The Hussar Ballad (subtitles: English)

The Horde (subtitles: English)

The Priest (subtitles: English)

Elusive Avengers (subtitles: English, Hebrew)

New Adventures of the Elusive Avengers (subtitles: English)

The Crown of the Russian Empire  (Elusive Avengers 3) (subtitles: English)

Soldier Boy (subtitles: English)

Admiral (subtitles English)

The Fool (subtitles English)

Per Aspera Ad Astra  (subtitles: English)

Morozko (subtitles: English)

Vasilisa the Beautiful (subtitles: English)

Cinderella (subtitles: English)

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