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Designing the Right Course 

for Your Business

When a foreign language is learnt for business purposes, knowledge of specific vocabulary for the industry is required, and a series of role-plays are created to model typical situations of communication at work. Even when you wish to teach staff only the foundation skills, your course can be tailored to the needs of your business, which we can discuss in a prior meeting. 

THE GOOD NEWS: if the English and Russians realised that their languages have over 7000 words in common, they would be able to communicate using just a few strategic starters. I developed a method of teaching Business Russian based on this vocabulary. Corporate training may last between 10 and 100 hours depending on the required depth and fluency. Participants are able to read in the first 2-4 hours and they can express themselves at the day-to-day level after 10 hours of training. I teach universal structures not separate phrases, and these structures allow the new learner confidence and flexibility of expression at very early stages. This is a big advantage in the fast-paced business environment.

Russian Courses for Business

If you are an English speaker and you are planning to either deal with a Russian business partner, employ Russian personnel or serve Russian speaking customers, those people are most likely to speak English... or not? Learning a foreign language is a challenging and time-consuming task and it requires motivation.


One of my pupils, Michael, has been learning the Russian language with me for some while, originally just for fun. He did not even want to begin to read. Recently, he was unexpectedly sent to Novosibirsk as a technical consultant. Well, his boss knew that Michael speaks "pidgin Russian" and would be excited to try it out in the field. Novosibirsk is a large city in Siberia, not a capital, so Michael's local colleagues do not get to talk to English people every day... Guess what? Their English is also a "pidgin" version. They speak Russian to each other, very fast - and I have Michael on WhatsApp at least twice a day to explain new words to him. He says he is grateful that I made him learn some verbs commonly used in business and specific terms related to his industry. Michael also wishes he could read some instructions and documentation.


Russian Language and Cultural Awareness course at Heathrow Employment Academy

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