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I have lived in the three main Russian speaking countries: born in Belarus, brought up in the Vologda region in the north of Russia and spent my youth and graduated at Master's level in Ukraine.  


Why did I decide to go solo?


I moved to London in 2006 and worked at one of London's secondary schools for 10 years. It was a priceless experience, giving me an understanding of the British educational system and its philosophy, advantages and disadvantages. It also enhanced and polished my teaching skills.


Unfortunately, Russian as a foreign language option is offered mainly in UK private schools that the majority cannot afford. This means that an average English speaker has very little chance of accessing sources written and spoken in Russian. 


Living in London, I have encountered intense curiosity about my Russian-ness. When I mention my origin, I frequently get a “wow” reaction. People no longer believe everything that the official sources say on the news. They want to read alternative sources and interact to understand what we are really like, and lack of language knowledge is an obstacle to achieving this. 


When I first offered my services as a Russian tutor in early 2010, I was overwhelmed with interest from people wishing to overcome the language barrier ­– the demand for good Russian tutors in London is greater than the supply. This is when I decided to go solo. In this way, I can help English speakers to learn more about Russia and Russians through the language. This is my professional mission.

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My experience


From 2010 onwards I have taught the Russian language to diverse audiences: individuals and groups of people from various cultural backgrounds, levels of education and abilities, aged from 7 to 70. All my pupils are high achievers and those who took the UK qualifications have never gone below an A grade.

Recently, I was rated 10/10 by clients of two different companies, Tutor Doctor and Heathrow Employment Academy.

I share the love of my compatriots for arts and before making the decision to become a linguist, I studied piano at a music college in Vologda and gained the qualification of a piano teacher. I enjoy playing and teaching classics and like to think about music as a universal language. 

Independent research

Lifelong learning is my lifestyle. I always have a question to answer and dedicate a significant amount of my time to linguistic research that is inspired by my pupils’ enquiries. My current project is designed to significantly optimise the development of Russian as a foreign language at the initial and intermediate stages.

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1992 - 1997

The Bohdan Khmelnitsky National University of Cherkass

Cherkassy, Ukraine 

Russian Language and Literature and Applied Psychology

Qualification: Teacher of the Russian Language and Literature, MA

Loanwords and cognates

Intercomprehention and Intercomprehension Didactics

1988 - 1997

Music College of Vologda

Vologda, Russian Federation


Qualification: Teacher of piano Levels 1-8, Accompanist 


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