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Anthony Hamilton, Entrepreneur 

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Marina Vantara is an exceptionally gifted teacher. She creatively tailors her teaching to the requirements of her students and their ability to learn. Her preparation for her classes is outstanding. I have learnt 4 other languages and can say without hesitation that Marina is the best language teacher I have had. I feel very fortunate that Marina was recommended to me by a leading UK Businessman. I would strongly recommend her services to others and would be pleased to act as a reference for her Russian Tutoring Services.

Suzanna F., Training Manager 

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Marina is a highly skilled professional. She is approachable and very easy going. She has the skills and patience to motivate and support a teenager: her kindness, dedication, knowledge and 'humanness' have provided the basis for my son's achievement. From my experience of Marina: she is punctual, trustworthy and dedicated. Would not hesitate to recommend her services.

Katy N., Operations Manager

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Marina is a great teacher and I highly recommend her.

Her method of teaching allowed me to read the Russian alphabet after my first lesson as well as being able to identify around 200 familiar words that Russian has in common with English (there are many more). Having this knowledge early on gave me a great vocabulary to start working with when we moved on to the structure of sentences. 

As someone who has never learnt a foreign language, I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to pick it up, but Marina is extremely patient and has given me the confidence I needed. She has a deep knowledge of the history of the language and uses this to help me understand how sentences are formed and where words originate from.

I am always given tasks to work on in my own time which are reviewed in the next lesson which is challenging, but essential practice.

Fab teacher!

Ben M.,

People Excellence Manager at Porsche Cars, GB Ltd 

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It's very satisfying to know that not only are you in good hands but also that you're on the right track

As a student of Marina's I can state confidently, and without reservation about Marina's passion for language and teaching. Marina's ability to engage and encourage you means that Marina is not only a teacher but also a fantastic coach. 

As a training professional myself I have observed Marina's planning, execution and assessment of her lessons and she always makes sure that my individual learning objectives are met. More specifically, Marina uses a sequential and structured lesson plan, utilising a variety of learning techniques. Marina clearly understands the different learning styles and can accommodate them, which is often challenging when working with a mixed group of students with different ages and abilities! 

Marina also made certain that during the delivery of her lessons that each session was introduced clearly, when relevant, Marina also makes lessons interactive with a high level of learner involvement. 

Marina regularly emphasises the importance to me (as the learner) of self-assessing my own learning and work and the significance of learning objectives being a two-way process. 

The thing I love most of all is that Marina has developed her own unique pedagogical approach to her lessons which becomes increasingly apparent as you progress through each lesson. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into this methodology. 

Ekaterina H.,

a parent of native Russian pupils 

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My children ( 8 yo and 10 yo) have been studying Russian with Marina since January this year. They do 1 hour each once a week. We are extremely happy with Marina. Children love her lessons as they are always very engaging and full of interesting exercises and new facts. They learn a lot and Marina`s teaching keeps them interested in Russian language and literature. Marina is a very enthusiastic teacher, she is always well prepared for the lessons with many extra pages of additional material apart from the usual study books which my children follow this year.
She is professional, never comes late or cancels the lessons. I can highly recommend her to the students with any level of Russian.

Gaurav S., Founder, Yati Capital 

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Marina is a great teacher, who adopted her teaching methods to my particular situation. Russian is the first new language I am learning as an adult, and the time I have been able to commit to it has been erratic. Despite these constraints, I have made good progress - and I can definitely give all the credit to Marina's patience, tenacity, and innovative teaching methods which make learning a pleasure.

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