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GCSE Russian Laguage

Since 2010, the results track record

of my GCSE pupils has been exclusively A and A* grades.





The Key Stage 4 curriculum in MFL is said to be built upon prior learning in Key Stage 3. However, not all candidates go through Key Stage 3. Due to the diversity of backgrounds, when pupils begin their preparation for GCSE Russian, their levels vary. Some are absolute beginners; some have well-developed listening and reading skills, but are weak at writing and speaking; others can listen and speak but not read or write.


Such inconsistency makes one-to-one tutoring invaluable since my teaching strategy and scheme of work will focus on your individual needs to improve a specific area and balance up your Russian language skills so that you can be confident at all types of assessment. 


Qualification overview


GCSE is the first formal qualification in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL). Edexcel is the only examination board that offers this qualification in the Russian Language. Click here to read the new examination structure and topics introduced in 2017. More details can be found in the GCSE Russian Specification. 



The GCSE examination consists of four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The first three papers are likely to be scheduled on the same date, while the latter is usually timetabled by your examination centre in the period between the end of March and the middle of May. 



What will you learn at this level?

- you will learn a large amount of Russian vocabulary

- understand most Russian grammar and syntax

- form your own passages orally and in writing

- important strategies of translation of a written and spoken text

- master the Russian language at the intermediate level


Familiarise yourself with

Sample ASSESSMENT MATERIALS for GCSE Russian Language .



How long does the course take?


Preparation for GCSE Russian from the absolute beginner level normally take 2 years but I have developed a progressive method based on Intercomprehension Didactics that allows many pupils to take the GCSE exam after only 1 year of learning and still achieve a high grade. Contact me to discuss and have your questions answered.

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