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Russian National Curriculum

in Language and Literature


You and your family have recently moved to London from Russia. The children have started at a British school but they find it too easy. You would like to expose them to more challenges as well as to give them a demanding teacher. You would like to bring up your children as book-lovers. You are also anxious that they preserve and develop their native language and to introduce them to Russian literature.


I work with Russian primary and secondary school children using Russian school textbooks. Your child will learn syntax and grammar, prepare presentations, develop their creative and analytical essay skills in Russian, and learn some useful points that would also enhance their English writing. I teach native pupils to read and comprehend text using examples of the most famous Russian authors such as A. Pushkin, M. Lermontov, N. Gogol, I. Turgenev, L. Tolstoy, A. Chekhov, F. Dostoevsky, I. Bunin, A. Kuprin, V. Korolenko and M. Bulgakov. They will also learn and analyse the poetry included in the Russian National Curriculum and beyond.


My work aims to enable your children to return to a Russian school at any point in the future or simply be well-read young people capable of producing their own opinion. Alongside this, I prepare them to the point where they can enter the Russian language and literature study section of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.



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