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Russian Resources

Did you realise that, when you travel to a Russian speaking country or simply meet a Russian speaker at a holiday resort, you can easily express yourself by using English vocabulary? Such words as coffee, taxi, machine, park, passport, visa, airport, problem, telephone, computer, interest, concert, museum, ballet, prospect, object, subject, contract, document, business, manager and many, many more are the same in both languages. You can even say modern Russian sentences that consist entirely of English words modified to fit Russian grammar; learn more...

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Watching original Russian films is an easy and fun way to become introduced to the native language environment without actually travelling to the country.

The Russian film industry flourished in the years of USSR and it continues producing extraordinary pictures that are known in the English speaking world so little. Meanwhile, these films provide a viewer not only with an extensive native language material. They also allow us a glance at the Russian mentality and contemporary culture.

The Russian film music written by talented composers and performed either by actors or professional singers makes the experience even more enjoyable


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